Fusion is your personalization gateway for your existing ecommerce platform. Personalized products and online configurators are on the rise. The reason why is simple. Consumers demand it. Fusion will deliver a rich and exciting experience your customers will love and bottom lines you desire.


Leverage the assets you already have. Enhance your offering.
  • Your customers can add printed and embroidered text, monograms, graphics and logos to any products you want them to.
  • The visual configurator delivers rich media. Customers view high resolution renderings of embroidered and printed products in real time.
  • Zoom functionality enhances the product details, which increases conversion rates.
  • Produce (A Key Difference Between Fusion and Other Options!)

    Fusion delivers production-ready files. That’s the difference between Fusion and other visual configurators that stop short of completing the job.
  • When your customers check out, their creations are factory ready.
  • Embroidery and graphics files are created instantly with each personalized order. These production-ready files are ready to be sent to your production facility.
  • Integrate

    Plug it in. Fusion is your personalization gateway for your existing eCommerce platform.
  • Retain full control of your catalog and shopping cart.
  • Use existing product assets.
  • Upload fonts, graphics, monograms and embroidery designs.
  • Configure the customers’ experience easily and with a variety of options.
  • Professional support and documentation.
  • Fulfill

    Fusion does the heavy lifting on your site. Our fulfillment solutions finish the job so you can focus on what matters most—your customers. We provide the following:
  • Production Consulting
  • Inventory Control
  • Embroidery / Screen Printing / Direct to Garment Printing
  • Promotional Products
  • Customer Service