Hi! We're Melco. We defy convention.

We're a tight-knit team working to change the face of e-commerce, with innovative and precision solitions, when we are not hiking, biking, or skiing the Colorado Rocky Mountains of course.

A little bit about our company

We believe in mass personalization as the model of the future. Imagine customers being able to express their unique personality. Doing so enables brands to offer more relevant products that will be truly treasured. Errors and waste in fulfillment are reduced while businesses capture more revenue and higher margins.

We love our work, and we're proud of the role we play in breaking through conventions to move our industry forward.


Founded in 1972, Melco created the first digitzing technology for the embroidered textile industry. Through the years Melco has been the partner of choice for many brands consumers know and love. As those brands expand beyond brick and mortar into internet retail sales, Melco is there with cutting edge technology. Backed by parent company Oerlikon, Melco is part of the largest textile tech organization in the world. Chances are you're wearing or own product produced by our technology right now.